Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Variations on Triangles and a lesson from hospitals

Took today off after a day at Universal Studios (Harry Potter was great...the rest of Islands of Adventure? Not-so-much.) and decided to go by the no-gi class this morning. It's taught by KickboxerInstructor who's a very direct contrast to WrestlerInstructor, the brownbelt I take privates with. Kind of like...MacGyver vs. House...Kirk vs. Picard...Mayuri Kurotsuchi vs. Kenpachi Zaraki. 

His classes tend to focus on a basic position, then variations from there. Today, we did triangles with three adjustments.

1) Basic Triangle-I always get caught up on adjusting/not adjusting my upper body depending on the situation. I was told today, that because of my leg length, that I should be going straight for the lock...which I knew, I just need some triangle confidence. 

2) Fleeing arm, hiding armbar-Love faking. In this one, you fake like you're going to undo the arm that's been hidden to defend and instead grab an armbar on the opposite side. 

3) Standing opponent gives up armbar-Opponent stands up so you lose leverage on the choke. Take the outside arm between your neck and shoulder, turn the arm outward (seemed to work better if I turned just below the elbow and push with your hips.

4) Switched choke-I absolutely adored this one. It switches from an air to a blood choke by simply reversing the triangle. After the opponent defends, bring the top, locking leg across the back with the opposite arm, while maintaining pressure with the bottom leg and simultaneously rotating it across the back so that it becomes the top leg. While the basic triangle applies pressure by pressing with the bottom leg and turning out with the top, the switched version uses more of a squeezing motion. 

A tennis coach friend of mine got me using wipes in situations where I couldn't get to a shower (long days at theme parks, long flights, outdoor festivals, etc.) I've come to love these hospital grade, disposable washcloths. They're generally used for patients that are bedridden to help prevent infection, but I use them since I don't shower at the gym. We're at a new, much bigger gym and honestly, there are just too many random guys wandering around. I used to use the regular little wipes you get, but they don't hold up well for wiping down an entire body.

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