Thursday, May 19, 2011

BJJ's costing me how much per year?!?

I went to the podiatrist today...after going to urgent care. My foot just isn't healing the way I felt it should (also, seeing one of the guys who broke his arm playing with his kids after ignoring "slight" injuries on the mats got me moving) so I decided to get it checked out. Trying to explain BJJ injuries really takes some skill. You say "martial arts" injury and doctors start diagnosing impact related injuries and "kiai" starts being thrown around. I had to do it about four times between there and the podiatrist.

Thankfully the first doc was wrong in his first guess and it wasn't an occult fracture. The podiatrist has me in a sesamoid pad and off running/dancing/anything that involves putting my weight on my toes for two weeks. I can spar if I'm careful. If there's no improvement, I go for an MRI. Oh...and I have to wear sneakers...which is driving me nuts. I LOVED sneakers in college. I had a pair to match almost every top I had. Now...they feel bulky and annoying. I had a pair of cross-trainers at the office that I stuffed my feet into and I was miserable. I'll have to dig out a lighter pair to get me through the duration. At least my heels will stay cute.

Love the arrow they drew on...
But yeah, after paying for a couple copays today (and ordering my Vulkan Pro Light yesterday), I started to wonder how much I was putting out pure year on BJJ. Here's the list of expenses...

2 gis per year
1 bottle of hibiclens yearly
1 bottle of wrestler's foam per year
Special body washes, band-aids, disinfectant gels, disposable wash cloths, etc.
monthly membership
monthly privates
increase in use of shampoo and conditioner
assorted supplements that I wouldn't be taking otherwise

Grand total...just about $3,000 annually. Note that this doesn't include any tournaments or major injuries. I've never been one for cheap hobbies. It was a bit surprising, but it's totally worth it. 


Liam H Wandi said...

Yeay for cute heels :)

BJJ, unlike Taekwondo and some other MA, was never advertised as cheap. I like that honesty.

Let's face it, in the world of martial sports, we are the golfers, with outfits to match :o)

charlie said...

you forgot ear guards =)

Megan said...

I did:)

Thankfully I've never gotten the nasty ears. Hope I never do.