Friday, May 6, 2011

My poor foots.

So there was this new purple there tonight. He asked me to drill and his face looked crazy familiar. I'd seen him before, but I'm so bad with faces that I immediately starting wondering if I'd gone to high school with him or been his lab partner in college biology. Turns out I'd just run into him after Saturday classes. Maybe it's just me, but people look way different in gis than they do in a rashguard.

The one on the left is the victim.

Anyway, I went my first round with him and he went to sweep me. He directed me backward over my foot, which got twisted under me, and I heard a *pop* then an immediate, louder *POP* come from my foot. I can't even say it was painful, it just felt weird and swellzy at the base of the toes and right behind the ball of my foot. I could move everything and it only hurt when I put pressure on it.

Gotta learn to keep my toes "alive" in guard. I apparently have a habit of sitting back on my feet with shins rotated outward and instep flat on the ground.

On a positive note, I got to work on more standing passes (which I hate and am bad at) and stapling and moving (which took some personal coaching and help from two purple belts and a brown)...some serious intensive therapy. 

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Shark Girl said...

Ouch! Hope you are okay. (great pedi , btw!)