Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back on FlowFit!!

My toes have officially let me get back to FlowFit. The first time was Tuesday...third round and I was already starting to fade. I just finished again, and I got through the 15 minutes (with a 1 minute break for some guard situps and hip shooting) and was pretty hyped the whole way. Oddly, my breathing has gotten better. You're supposed to inhale naturally through the nose and exhale with force, and that comes without much thought or effort now. It's also been a big help in maintaining my newly developed lung capacity.

I'm at level 3/4 for most, but I'm still a non-squatter with bad knees, so my transitions are modified...and that tripod twist? Not happenin'. I really like this guy's tape idea for marking your bases.

I'm also totally hyped about this book.

I haven't bought a cook book since the Flavor Bible, and while I love it, this book is for people who want to eat better but love food and can't eat chicken breasts and quinoa 5 days out of the week. Recipes to come. 


A.D. McClish said...

I've never seen anyone doing FlowFit before. Pretty cool. Bet my muscles would be burning about 5 seconds in. lol

Megan said...

lol...the first time I did it, I did two rounds and thought I was going to die.

Anonymous said...

go you!! yoga helped me tons with my breathing..and staying calm in tense positions

Megan said...

Ya know're right. When I think about it, the breath control you have to learn really does help in painful positions. Just yesterday at a private I had one of our instructors sitting on my chest for quite a while, demonstrating an armbar...uncomfortable, but I stayed calm by focusing on breathing.