Saturday, November 3, 2012

Operation Tattered Belt: November – a month of Side Control

I love resolutions that have nothing to do with the arbitrary starting of a new year--ones that are born out of individually inspired need and motivation are awesome. They're even better when you've got an accountability partner.

So...I'm jumping on a project with Julia over at Jiu Jiu's BJJ Blog for a year of more focused training. At first glance it might sound excessive since most schools (I hope) have curricula already built into their programs. Even if they do, there is a lot of unstructured jiu jitsu time when you're on the mats. Open drilling, sparring, open mat, nobody's telling you exactly what to do and our project intends to add some structure in that space over the next year.

You can read about the specifics of the curriculum of Operation Tattered Belt below or Julia's kick-off entry here, but basically, we're going to be using each month of a year to focus on a different position or submission. For guidance, we'll be using both Saulo Ribeiro's Jiu Jitsu University and Roy Dean's Blue Belt Requirements.

I'm particularly excited because the idea of pedagogy in BJJ has been a question hovering in my mind since day 1. Julia's a teacher of teachers (which is the reason she'll be focusing more on writing from an instructor's perspective) and I've been a student of...way too much (I've got a good, objective perspective of myself as a student) so I'll be writing more from that angle. We'll be making major posts at the beginning and end of the month.

So like Julia says, you're welcome to join, comment, add feedback and contribute. Hope to hear from you!

November: A month of side control
4.0 Side
8.0 Escaping Side
8.4 Escaping Scarf
Sidemount Escapes

A month of Knee on Belly
5.0 Knee on Belly
9.0 Escaping Knee on Belly

A month of full mount
3.0 Mount
7.0 Escaping Mount
Mount Escapes

A month on the back
1.0 The Back
6.0 Escaping the Back

A month about all fours
2.0 All Fours
6.4 Escaping All Fours

A month of guard passes
Guard Passes

A month of armlocks
10.0 Armbar Escape
14.0 Kimura Escape

A month of chokes
11.0 Triangle Escape
12.0 Guillotine Escape

A month of leglocks
13.0 Footlock Escape

A month of takedowns

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