Friday, November 16, 2012

Operation Tattered Belt: Time with the Enemy

So I think I'm cured of settling for bad side control positions. Goal met. Since I've narrowed down the escapes I want to work and have a decent handle on the theory, I decided to subject myself to some punishment. Enter GinasticaInstructor. Now...coincidentally he was a great partner to work with, because he's nasty fluid (see video).

This week I've come to realize the importance of understanding objective (as opposed to just technique) when navigating a competent opponent. We worked him switching between standard side and both variations of kesa gatame depending on how I reacted and...I reacted. Even when I would manage to get my elbow to the mat, he'd fake a choke and bait me into giving him the arm back. We worked in the importance of getting to bottom half by grabbing the leg...Saulo recommends against this since it locks you to your opponent, but for me, I think it's a good, viable option, especially since coming to my knees...somehow I'm still slow or possibly just lacking in confidence. I also got to see some immediate counters, especially to Dean's underhook to knee-tap/roll over/judo-style throw. Before I could even consider coming to my knees, Ginastica Instructor had sat out to the opposite side and was headed for mount. Drills are great, but...the best laid plans o' mice and men and all.

So overall, two weeks in, I feel much more competent navigating the position improvisationally. I also feel incentivized to stay out of it since it is such an uphill struggle to get out. That may seem like common sense, but for someone like me who doesn't compete and for whom points are just something I'm occasionally aware of, it can be easy to simply allow bad things to happen. Quality learnings.

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