Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Class was great!

...and huge. Twenty people I believe. We covered a basic omoplata and it was interesting seeing another instructor teach such a basic move. It's the same thing, but looked so amazingly different. 

I got a nice comment today from Ted. I was drilling and he walked by and said "you have Ryan written all over you". Which tells me that maybe I'm actually picking up stuff the way it's taught. 

I'm still terrible at coming to my knees. I see more opportunities for it, but it's still very much something I'm muscling my way through. I'm quite proud that I caught myself going for an americana from inside the guard and instead focusing on passing. Unfortunately, no-gi passes are completely foreign to me, so I didn't pull anything off, but it was a nice, minor victory. Side control is going to be a big problem area for me. I keep ending up in it, I can't get out of it and I have a hard time getting other people into it. 

I walked in and it hit me that I was really glad to see everybody...and I think that's a first for me in a group activity. I thought the new schedule would be a problem, but it's working out great. I just wish I could stay for the 8:15 class too. 


Marketta Parker said...

Yea Megan, I'm so glad for you!!!! I'm glad everything has been going well, in BJJ.

Megan said...

It has! It's finally sinking in as a normal part of life. How're your classes going btw?