Monday, June 7, 2010

New school!

Well, new location, same school. The new place is HUGE. I don't know if everybody from my old class is hitting a different session or if people just haven't trickled in yet, but the class is a bit younger. At the old place, I was in the middle age wise. Now I'm strongly on the senior citizen side. I rolled with two teenagers tonight (both very cool). The age honestly makes no difference when sparring, but it did make me old. Out of shape and maybe silly...which is ok. I really am there to achieve my own goals and I need to refocus on that.
Tonight was my first time there after a week off and I paid for it...yes I did. I felt just as crappy as I did the first day. It wasn't just the time off that did me in though. A week isn't bad, but we also have a different instructor who doubled up on our drills and running. This jiu jitsu thing really is about tackling a new high, hitting a new low and deciding to get back up again...over, and over...and over again. I can't say it's any less difficult, I'm just even more used to the pain.
Well, tonight was my first time rolling with someone not wearing a gi (I was, she wasn't). I was LOST. I didn't realize how deeply the habit of getting grips was already engrained in my head...or hands. I kept instinctively reaching for them, but they just weren't there. That killed any collar chokes, anything I knew from spider guard and a couple sweeps. I have a new appreciation for what I know now that I wasn't allowed to do it.
After that experience, I'm considering the no-gi class, which would give me three sessions a week...four if I add on the MMA techniques class, but I donknow if that would help my jiu jitsu much. We'll see though. There are so many other options at the new place, thinking about what I'd like to check out has helped me realize that I want to focus on jiu jitsu. Sure, I want to get in shape, but any available time I have, I want to focus on BJJ.
...and it just hit me that I was fighting for americanas from inside someone's guard...Ryan's called me on it, Parrumpa's called me on it, and I did it without thinking...really nasty habit that I need to break. I think getting more comfortable with guard escapes would help with that.
I was proud of a triangle I set up tonight. Setting things up is a weak spot for me. I didn't get the submission, but I recovered from a failed opportunity to take the guys back to catching a triangle...didn't even forget the arm:) I think I was so happy I just kinda ignored the fact that I needed to like...actually choke the dude.


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