Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gettin' by with a little help from my friends...

Yeah...so the funk persists, but I think I'm starting to see things more clearly. I'm probably overestimating how much time I'm spending in my "stuck" positions and am actually getting better about getting to my side. In the midst of the fog though, I found myself reflexively running to five people that have been very good about listening and encouraging me over the past six months.

Cali photographer buddy: My best friend. She's been with me through all kinds of crazy exploits. She's been listening to all my cries and moans over the soreness and awkwardness. She's also been incessantly supportive of my blogging as a point of reflection and enjoyment and tolerated weeks of my post class reviews about "fighting men".

Chinese speaking partner: Greek Chinese medicine doctor actually, but he's been doing qigong and yiquan for...years now. He has tons of insight into the prevention and treatment of injuries. Most importantly though, he's been acutely aware of my non-technical progress (probably a by-product of practicing internal martial arts), and is good for reminding me of what used to frustrate a few months ago...things that I don't even think about now.

Karate/TaiChi programmer friend: Friend from HS days and beyond. He's  was a huge help in getting me through all my ukemi frustrations. He's got a background in other martial arts and has provided a lot of insight into the journey and social dynamic of the MA world...which was great, because I was LOST. (Still am to some extent). He's also on his own fitness quest and it's good to have someone hitting plateaus and frustrations just like you are.

UK Accountant: Friend from grad school that was actually training at the gym I go to now before he moved to England. Still trying to get him to start at the Gracie Barra school where he is. Since he's into MMA, I can talk about specifics and he gets what I'm talking about.

College Cousin: Best cousin ever. She coined the term "WooJitsu" because of how happy I am when I talk about it. Apparently, talking about BJJ is the only time I'm "cute". She was my go-to text buddy when I was sitting in the car, sick to my stomach or in the bathroom, staring myself down in the mirror, trying to convince myself to step out onto the mats again.

The best part about them is that they've never trained BJJ, but still manage to be hugely encouraging.

...and now, Joe Cocker...


NinjaEditor said...

Glad you've got people like that in your life. All martial arts are physically, mentally, and emotionally draining, but BJJ seems more than most. Definitely helpful to have friends who'll not only listen when you vent but encourage you.

Liam H Wandi said...

If it's not about the community, it's about nothing really.

Megan said...

Definitely@Ninja...just found out I'm testing for my green belt, so I'm really going to need them.

You are so right Liam. The longer I'm around, the more I realize pretty much anything is pointless without the human connection.