Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I...really don't know any teenagers.

Since I'm going to be missing a class this weekend, I went for a double class tonight and it RAWKED! It was college Saturday, but like little kid Satudray....just on a Wednesday night...and violent. I seriously forgot I even had reports to run and clients to talk to and bills to pay and all that grown-up jazz. Funs.
So I am actually testing for my green belt.
I'm honestly a little excited. I've got my study sheet and have been working through it each class, figuring out which moves I'm good/bad at, which I don't know at all (just learned a takedown) and which just aren't going to work for me without a LOT of practice (armbar from the mount is my new enemy).
Something struck me tonight. I was sitting, watching the advanced class, holding a baby and talking to a 15 year old about getting submitted, new flavors in baby snacks and good music to listen to while sparring and I realized that aside from occasional visits with family, my life has very much been confined to the 21 and up crowd...and that's really a shame.
Sure, I get some baby exposure from my cousins/friends/coworkers and their kids, but none that I see on the regular. And high school kids? Never. Not even at church really. Outside of BJJ, the concept almost seems strange. There's something fascinating about getting to talk to people who are in a life stage you've already been through AND having common ground on which you can relate to each other, especially when that "common ground" turns the concept of who's senior completely on its head. Your perspective on age shifts when a 14 year old is helping you through something you struggle with...and, mind you...doing it well, with empathy, confidence and solid knowledge. Tonight...was a good night.

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Steve said...

There are some teenagers who train regularly at my school, too, and they're great.