Monday, September 20, 2010

Help for shoulder pain

Um...I'm REALLY starting to like rolling. I thought I liked it before, but after tonight I'm DYING to go again. I've developed a taste for 7 minute rounds. Warm-up was a bit...harder...tonight. I swear we did 100 sets of 4 count leg flutters. No bear crawls though...can't say I was disappointed.

Tonight was very man-tastic. For whatever reason, a lot of the bigger guys were there. Good for me, since I got two rounds with two of the guys after rolling with one of the ladies. Yay diversity. 

I ended up tapping to both, but learned a lot, especially about maintaining guard. The first tap was to the same, strong, white-belt that got me in his glorious armbar last time. This was actually worse. He started choking me from inside MY guard, and I knew he had screwed up. Unfortunately, I didn't capitalize on it properly, and tried for a triangle when an armbar would have been a better choice. I think I decided against it because I couldn't get my leg under his armpit. I was so busy being annoyed at the fact that I couldn't take advantage, that I almost forgot to tap.

The second tap was to a really nice, fellow-green that I get partnered with quite a bit. He totally surprised me last time by asking what other possibilities I saw from a position we were working on. Just being asked made me realize that maybe, just maybe I'm doing better than I think. He caught me in an Americana, which I defended well for a while by coming onto my side, but eventually my arms gave out and he managed to wrench it into some sort of Ameriogugltkjhth...but it still hurt, so I tapped. I totally deserved it too. Every once in a while, I forget that there are "rules" and not everything is up for grabs. I had him in a collar clinch, and for whatever reason, I grapped his hair and pulled his head down. Sorry buddy.

My right shoulder is still nagging me. It's not clicking anymore thank goodness, but always feels tight. A friend online recommended some good exercises that have been pretty helpful.

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