Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to use deal-a-day sites

I just got a gorgeous Tatami Zero-G midas from BJJ HQ and I love it...seriously. The weave on the pants is better than some of the high end slacks I have. It's made of a magic, hybrid weave that I have yet to test out...that post will be coming in the near future once I get a chance to break it in.

But yes...I don't know if it's because they're mostly guys and aren't necessarily savvy when it comes to online shopping or what, but after reading comments by some users on the site, I decided the BJJ world needs some education on using sites like Woot, Gilt and of course, BJJ HQ, the grappling-focused cousin of MMA HQ.

If you don't know what these sites are, they're amazing. The basic idea is that they have items on sale for a set amount of time and after that time ends, or quantities run out, no more item for you. I'm a person that hates shopping, but likes shiny stuff, but also refuses to pay retail, so my phone is full of apps and alerts and reminders to let me know when something good might be up for grabs. To get the good stuff, you've got to be on alert and know the rules, so here are a few pointers if you're new.

  • Be aware of when sales start. It may be 9am. It may be 12pm. Check the site and set an alarm, an Outlook reminder, whatever you have to do so you don't miss out on that Gameness ELITE you've been waiting for. On that note...know your time zone, know their time zone. Adjust accordingly.
  • Deals do run out. Very few of these sites have bottomless pits of items, just waiting to be snapped up. They don't last forever, so move quickly. 
  • Don't be cost foolish. Let's say a gi made only in the UK costs £100 retail but is selling on BJJ HQ for $105. You live in Wisconsin. Before you start ranting that it costs more, do the math. With the exchange rate and shipping, you're saving over $75 buying online. Don't underestimate the REAL cost of obtaining an item. 
  • Know the quantity limitations. Some deals are insanely good and yeah, anybody with any sense will try to pick up more than 1 gi if it's 90% off original price. I've yet to see a site that didn't put limitations up, so check their FAQs. It'll save you some disappointments.
  • You don't have to buy EVERYTHING that goes on sale just because it's a great deal. You don't want to become THAT customer that's buying things then trying to send them back a week later when you realize you have 3 pairs of ostrich feather earrings...I'm not saying that happened to me or anything. 
I hope this helps make your online shopping experience a little better. Happy gear-shopping!


Mrs. Ibarra said...

The zero g pants are by far my favorite gi pants...super soft and comfy. They sent me that same gi to review but I haven't had time to test it out properly. Great write up and advice. I have bought stuff from them before and I check their sites regular for deals. Also like their pages on facebook and they post the deal of the day. Happy rolling in your nee gi!

Megan said...

So true!! I swear I could sleep in those winter. The material's gorgeous though. I'm just hoping it holds its color ok. I have a black Fenom and it still looks good, but I'm mostly a fan of white gis.