Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kano Jigoro's last living student receives the highest rank in judo at 98

A compassionate soul is inner beauty. I believe this is true beauty. ~Fukuda Keiko

I love this lady. Sensei Fukuda Keiko, at 98, recently became the first woman to reach 10th dan in judo. Only three people in the world have attained the rank. The video below is a great documentary on her life and training.


Combat Sports Review said...

I'm still crying. But they are good happy tears. I often wonder, "I'm almost 43, how much longer will I be able to practice BJJ?" Then I picture it in my head. There's this little decrepit old lady in a BJJ class of young twenty somethings. One of the new student asks, "What's up with the old lady?" Another student looks at him and says, "That old lady can kick your butt in her sleep." Then I think, "As long as I breath, I am Jits."

Megan said...

Aww...yeah. Seeing her dug me out of all kinds of funk.