Monday, July 19, 2010

First roll with the new belt

Surprise surprise, no new magical powers came with the belt. 

We went over a pass from my least favorite family...standing full guard passes. They always feel like so much work for me (my back is SHOT right now), but I got some good technique tips that made it a lot less work. I'm one of those people that can't squat (bad ankle and hip flexibility...I can only squat with feet turned out) and I get all paranoid and awkward when it's time to put that second foot up. I'm starting to feel the move though. 

While I was drilling, Master DaMatta mentioned that I'd had issues with my grips on the test...I really want to get a handle on the theory behind them. It's generally hard for me to do things if I don't understand the logic behind them. It took me looking up the mechanics behind a manual transmission to properly learn to drive stick. I can be a very difficult student in the short run. 

I ended up rolling with two of the big guys. Woohoo! It's frustrating, but I still prefer it. One was a big, heavy blue...great technique and I, so tired. He wasn't even trying and flattened me easily. Great reminder of how far I had to go. The second was a big wrestler-kid...about 6'3", 200lbs or so, pure muscle, 20 years old. I was tired, but was ready to give it my best shot. He was going no-gi though, so I was a little lost submission wise. Unfortunately, he was shot too, so it was a pretty boring roll, but it gave me a chance to try out some submissions that I feel pretty shameful about...namely armbars. I just spent so much time focusing on triangles (because I have a natural advantage) and lately, chokes (because they were so hard for me) I now have this HUGE armbar problem that I need to work on. I kept applying them...from guard, from the mount...he kept defending. Too bad I don't know any counters to the defense yet. I am proud though, that I was at least able to get through them technically.


A.D. McClish said...

Good work!! And congratulations again!!

Kharsin said...

Yeah, my arm bar percentage goes down when I'm rolling with someone of equal or better skill than me. I think it comes with being able to successfully "fake" the submission. It's a new challenge for me to think of how to get someone to give me their arm without having to force the issue. That's pure BJJ! There are a couple of older gentlemen I work with at our school that are masters at this. They'll act like they're in danger or something, and you reach out thinking you've got something, and you only receive pain in return. It's a new level, and it requires new tricks/abilities. Roll, roll, roll!!! Have you tried a nogi class yet?

Liam H Wandi said...

Excellent. I'm starting to really fall in love with your blog. Very honest writing :o)

As for armbars, don't even sweat it! They take a while, escpecially from guard.

Remember, the original intent of an armbar from guard is tobreak the arm that's choking you (if they are inexperienced enough to choke from inside your guard). If they are not trying to choke you, it takes a lot of skill and timing to get their elbow to the right spot (near your centre line) for the armbar to work. Focus on chokes and sweeps and suddenly the arm will start coming to you (they reach across or base out).

Kage said...

Congradulations on getting your blue belt. Focus on moving your opponent and getting the right posture. it sets up your submissions better. go for a private and see if you can work on some of the things you're having problems with. Loving the blog btw.

Megan said...

@ A.D. ...thanks and thanks again!:)

@ Bobby...that's kind what got me. Dude was technically a white belt (though still a wrestler). I tried a no-gi class and it was fun! The freedom of movement alone was great. The guy I ended up rolling with (same big blue belt from this past class actually), said I did really well for my first go at it, so that was nice. I ended up wearing a full length rash guard because...well...there's just so much skin...I felt really limited submission wise.

@ Liam...yeah're just enjoying getting referenced;) Seriously though, thanks. That really makes me feel better regarding catching someone in an armbar. I'm just starting to understand how important deception is to applying certain techniques.

@Kage...thanks! I'm only a green though. The blue is definitely something I'm ready to work toward though. I hadn't been thinking of privates, but I might start looking into it if I end up testing again in six months. Glad you're enjoying the blog:)

Junior Familia said...

congratgulations on the promotion!
PARABENS IRMA! dont forget to pick up the secret powers once promoted like we all did =P
good job again looking forward to checkin out your blog! Ossss