Thursday, July 8, 2010

Olecranons and guard passes

This past week of family reunions and vacations has played havoc on my eating habits, so it's back on fish and greens for dinners and fruit protein shakes for breakfast. Tonight is arctic char in a lemon-white wine and thyme sauce with roasted asparagus.  Eating better really puts a damper on my cooking adventures. It's forced me to be more creative in one sense, but in others, it's limited me a lot. I'll just find a way to get by on my once a week projects. I've also picked up Odwalla's Superfood to mix with Shaklee's Physique after class. It actually does seem to help with the soreness/muscle repair. The Superfood is a little sweet for my taste, but good considering I'm getting wheat sprouts and barley grass in me. 

We recently combined gyms with a boxing school. They had BJJ classes, so we got an influx of a bunch of new students. A lot of teenagers, and they're hilarious and quick learners. One of the girls is about my size too, so I have somebody I get partnered with regularly who I don't squash:) I've noticed though, that a few of them tend to try to pass full guard by digging their elbows into their opponents' quads. This worked on me out of sheer annoyance and pain for a while, but I think I've developed a tolerance for it. Last night, after 15 seconds of a guy jamming his bones into my legs and my not letting go, he looks up at me and asks, "doesn't that hurt?". I responded with a smile, "Yeah, but not enough for me to let go." I let him keep going for a bit until he tired some and swept him, but I think that only worked because his base was a bit off. 

I feel like I'm ready for the belt test. A friend of mine made a very good analogy a couple weeks ago when I felt like I had the moves, but didn't feel good about them. He said "You have the C, now you're aiming for an A." That really helped me get a handle on my nerves and put the test in a perspective that I understand. 

Oh yeah...almost forgot...I was drilling omoplatas and my instructor walked by and asked..."are you pulling these off live? Because they're perfect." I sighed and answered "no". I've gotten to the point where I'm trying them, but loosing people out to the side. He gave me some advice on what to do. I haven't had a chance to try it on anyone, but I think I'm making progress in briding that technique/application canyon.

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