Friday, July 2, 2010

Five classes this week and a nice compliment

I can honestly say I never thought I'd do that many in the same week. It's not like I've never worked out 5 times in a week...I used to do it every day, but BJJ is just so different. I went to the early morning class today and we went over some half guard issues...good for me, because I tend to get stuck in half guard loops while rolling. I also pulled off a sweep while sparring...a legitimate one, without someone going easy on me. Yes, it was on a newer white belt, but I'm still proud.
I did my first no-gi class last night too! I had a blue belt tell me that I "moved well" twice. I'm guessing that's a good sign that I'm not just flopping and falling all over the place. Compliments from higher belts that aren't your usual partners are really nice. No-gi is...slippery. I accidentally elbowed another blue belt in the eye trying to free my arm.
What I learned this week...
My wrists...are so weak. Always have been. I wasn't able to open jars without hammering them to death until starting BJJ. Since I started doing pull ups, they've gotten better, but I still have a really hard time with chokes. I'm doing two for my test and while the one from side control is fine, the choke from mount...kinda iffy still. I'm just not able to curl my wrists toward me enough.
I'm still barely thinking about submissions while sparring, and I guess that's ok. I learn them, I drill them, but when rolling, I'm too busy trying to escape/sweep/get a dominant position to implement them. I'm finally not stopping after getting guard. I'm focusing immediately on breaking posture. I'm now stalling and resetting after getting the mount though. I'm assuming submissions will come one day. I did, however, try an omoplata today on a newer white belt and failed miserably. Not controlling the arm enough.
I also learned to keep my mouth closed. Breathing can be hard with a mouth guard, but the drop of sweat (not mine) that fell onto my tongue has convinced me that I have to find a way...have to.


Liam H Wandi said...

Excellent! Not the sweat on tongue situation, but the whole post screems of fantastic positive energy.

Megan said...

It really was a good week of training. Thanks for reading!