Monday, December 20, 2010


Had another one of those nights where you leave the mats feeling like you have no business rolling...but ya know what? They're common place and distant now. Out of body experiences even.

What stuck out tonight was peoples' reaction. I didn't think I seemed any more tired than I have in the past, but then again, this was the first time in a while I had to crouch from being lightheaded. The brown belt I take privates with complimented me, but I had a hard time making eye-contact (as I always do when I feel I've performed poorly). I made it down the line and sunk down while the last green belt and white belts came by. I felt a hand rest on my head and begin  rubbing it reassuringly. I looked to my right and it was Gorilla, who I'd just rolled with. It was really sweet when I look back at it.

Funny thing...I was sitting watching TV yesterday (which I rarely do) and thought "'s been forever since I worked out". I love the jitsu.

I needed a third gorilla reference to round things the's a classic.

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A.D. McClish said...

I have been feeling the same way as you, lately. But you'll break through and hit a high point soon enough!!