Friday, February 11, 2011

Any recommendations on spider guard materials? it's been a year since I cracked the barrier of "will doing this kill me?" and after working on tripod sweeps and playing with some foot positioning, I'd like to start working with spider guard more.

I've run across Tinguinha's DVD and I'm thinking of getting that, but was wondering if there are any other books. DVDs or blogs out there that anybody would recommend. Thanks!


Jiujitsunista said...

I love spider guard. It is my favorite guard. I almost always get "Gosh your legs!" or "F%#@k your legs!" (In a nice

I am sure you would have the same ability to annoy people with leg length.

I mostly love spider guard because it traditions SO easily into a triangle, and that is my favorite way to choke someone. =)

Let me know if you come across anything you like!

slideyfoot said...

Braulio's video on CageFilm is pretty good. There was also some Japanese guy with a set on Budovideos, if you don't mind it all being in Japanese. Tatsuya Onose, IIRC. The few clips I've seen look interesting.

Megan said...

Stephanie! I know you've been back for a while, but it's good to have you back around.

I think I'm going to check out the Tatsuya video Slidey recommends (as for the Japanese is concerned, I knew all that Anime watching would come in handy one day)...if only for a perspective on the position that's not often seen. Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Check these out: This website isn't comprehensive enough to teach you a guard game, but their expert of the month technique demonstrations are excellent.

Georgette said...

You might like Abmar Barbosa's new stuff... one of the four DVDs is all spider and Barbosa guard... very nicely done instructionals. Go to for the set.