Monday, February 21, 2011

Men DO notice little details.

...when they're related to sports that is...

So I've been wearing Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Lime Lights. Didn't really like it at first, and I'm still not a huge fan, but apparently, when you paint your nails a color that matches the mats, guys notice. From "nice nails!" to "pretty green nails!", the pastel take on our mat borders have been a hit.

"Did you paint your nails to match the mats?!"

I was around push-up number 20 today, stationed next to one of the kids who'd noticed I'd changed my color to a less respectable cafe au lait color.

"Why don't you have the green anymore??"
"Gotta keep things exciting."

I should totally start a line of BJJ themed polishes...Garish Gi White...Black and Blue Bombshell...Mat Burnt Umber...Ringwo...I'll stop now.


SavageKitsune said...

The week after I got my blue belt, I painted my toenails a matching royal blue. Everybody noticed.

I once painted my toenails a metallic silver so that they looked like chrome. A guy accused me of trying to distract everybody by blinding them with my toenails, so that I could grab for a sub.

I don't bother very often. After just one class, there's always a line worn right down the center of my big toenail where half the color's worn off from rubbing on the mat. Fingernail polish wouldn't last 3 min on my hands. said...

My teammate Sanya and I were also talking about school logos on our toes.

Georgette said...

HAHAHAHA That's awesome!

It's so sad, every time I get a pedicure, within 12 hours my big toes have a half-moon-shaped spot on the tips where the mats have worn off the polish. It's a "grappler's pedicure."

Megan said...

lol@ Savage...TOTALLY going to do that when I hit blue

@Jennifer...that's kinda cute. Isn't your logo a little complex?

@ Georgette, I've only found two brands that don't IMMEDIATELY chip/rub off. The Sally Hansen brand that I just mentioned and OPI, but I use them with CND base and top coats, which get me through 2-3 training sessions ok. Not great...but ok.

Shark Girl said...

I ruined my first pedicure on the mat this winter. Thanks for attending to all my BJJ needs with your helpful product suggestions!