Saturday, February 5, 2011

" look like you grapple now."

So I went on a trip to our local green market with a friend I hadn't seen in person in some months. He's a karate guy and a West Coast Swing dancer, so is pretty observant of people's posture and movement. He also knew me through all my time as a salsa dancer, so the "walk" he knows would be more influenced by the rolling movements of a basic step than the thick-cored power required by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

" look like you grapple now. You're looking..."
"Broad across the back?"
"Yeah...kinda buff. It's the lats."

It made me happy to know that there was some physical effect of my training. Martial arts tee-hee. We talked over cracked conch and smoothies (gotta love winter in Florida) about how after you start training, you start sizing people up. A broad shouldered man in a grey shirt walked by.

"I bet he'd be fun to triangle."
"Take out his knees and run."

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