Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts from inside the guard and goals for 2012

The sadness has cleared and I've got a bit more of an objective look at what went on last night.

A couple days ago, I took some time to to really feel my way through the offensive aspect of the guard and it gave me some great insights.

Well, last night I partnered with one of the kids again...I say kids, but I swear this boy was 5" shorter and 30lbs lighter last time I sparred with him. He's gotten bigger, stronger, faster and more technical in a matter of months. And, as boys will be, he's controlled, but there's still an element of injury in the air, so I rolled carefully. Well, he got me in his guard...broke my posture left and right. I could only hold out for so long pushing against his hips. As I was pinned in his stomach though, I braced my base and started paying attention to his hips and arms. I got caught in two kimuras, but I also got to see all kinds of missed opportunities on his part. Now just to find those holes on other people...

All that pushing and breaking got me thinking of strength, and how I'd like more. I only do bodyweight work now (since the pullup bar tore up my shoulder), but I'd like to start lifting...something again. 2011 is the year of flexibility for me, so we'll see how I'm doing around mid-year.

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