Saturday, January 15, 2011


About a month after I first started training, I told my brother (also a fan of the anime, Bleach, at the time) that training at my club had me feeling like I was a Shiningami (I'm pretty sure I'm Kotetsu...and not just because we're the same height). Even half a world away, I could hear the sound of the face-palm. It just came on while I was posting, and it got me thinking about it.

Part of it is the ranking...and the training...and the ubiquitous Japanese-ness, but I think it's more something that's a pretty common trait to anime series. You frequently find a band of very differently able characters, working together to develop their strengths and combat weaknesses. Somewhat particular to Bleach, though, is the back-story of the characters and of the different squads...characters leaving, improving, bonding through training, finding hidden talents, hidden weaknesses, betrayal, the crazy talented/powerful new guy that's blowing all the usual characters out of the water...all the stuff of BJJ stories.

I really want to finish it (I'm TERRIBLE at finishing watching series). This one got me through grad school. I owe it to myself to finish it out.


slideyfoot said...

I used to watch lots of Naruto, but stopped a few years ago. I'm guessing Bleach is worth watching too? Naruto didn't quite get to the monotonously repetitive MEGA EPIC BATTLE....IN TWO MILLION PARTS! AND ANOTHER ONE, AND ANOTHER ONE, AND ANOTHER ONE of Dragonball Z, but that's always something I'm wary of with anime series. ;)

A.D. McClish said...

I love that you used the word ubiquitous. Bravo!! lol And I haven't ever heard of this series but I love anime. Wonder if they have it on Netflix...

SkinnyD said...

One question: How can you finish an anime that NEVER ENDS? :)

I'm a bit of an anime fan myself so I'd be curious to hear a list of faves. I don't get a lot of time to watch it anymore but if there's a highly recommended series I'll usually take the time to check it out.

Megan said...

Slidey...I tried to get into Naruto...I really did, but the open toed boots just bugged the living daylights outta me. I think every manga-turned-toon has the MEBITMPAAOAAOAAO issue that you mentioned...Bleach was pretty good about NOT doing that though.

lol@A.D. It's one of those words that I've always liked. might be on Netflix. I'm still pulling it from though.

I feel you Skinny. It started to kind of get on my nerves. I'd highly recommend:

DeathNote: Short, suspenseful

First Squad: Japanese animation, Russian dialogue. It's about supernatural/psychological weaponry (kids) used to fight off the German army during WWII.

Aoi Bungaku-Animated adaptations of six pieces of classic Japanese literature. Some really great looks into mental illness.'s gotten cheesy lately, but it got off to a good start

Pokemon-Best Wishes: Kidding:)

SkinnyD said...

Nice. I own Death Note, that's a great series. Never seen the other two, gave up on Bleach. I'll check the other recommendations out for sure. Thanks!

Oh, and if you've never seen Last Exile, I'd recommend that one.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to get into anime, but I hated it every single time I tried. I really gave it the college try, but it grated me. There are only a few I can stand. Believe me, I hate standing out as the one sci fi gal who hates anime. I had a boyfriend who loved anime, best friends who loved anime, even a roommate. Could. Not. Do. It.


Though I did enjoy 3x3 Eyes.

Megan said... said that and...I had to read it twice. I just assumed you were into it...ESPECIALLY with you living in Asia, even if not Japan. Dork stereotypes I guess.

slideyfoot said...

Wow. I'm shocked. Like Megan, I just assumed you must be a fan.

I would highly recommend you go watch Record of Lodoss War. Right now. Need to get you into anime, post-haste! ;)