Saturday, January 29, 2011

Troll...related blog post

Maybe it's the butter paneer I just finished, but I desperately wanted to think of a clever, troll related title for this entry...something about a bridge or three goats or something...but I got nothin'.

They seem to be extra active lately, from a particularly crazy one my best friend has been dealing with to a potential one that just popped up on one of mine, they seem to be extra frisky, bigger and smellier than ever.  I'm sorry I missed this one live, but here's a great response Meg over at MegJitsu gave to an anonymous one that decided their opinion of her appearance was somehow related to her posts.

So I've been told, Anon, so I've been told. You should see me first thing in the morning, appalling! Happily, I make no claim to beauty and strive to be a courageous, capable, genuine and loving woman. Lucky, too, that while I fall short, a good gi serves me well, regardless :) Apologies, brother, but I'll have to delete your comment in a day or two; your earthy language is lowering the tone. Thanks for reading!

I love that she both addressed the post and didn't let it stand.  Addressed the accusation but didn't allow it to dominate. Addressed the impact of the troll but didn't let it drag her down. 

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Meg. That specific post inspired me. The person said Meg was ugly.

I got trolled twice. Once I flat out deleted them because it was just flat out abuse (something like "you are a sad, fat c_nt". I just hit "spam" on those.

The other was by a troll named Tiffanny (no, I didn't misspell that). She wrote: You know what, its a sport and a competition, so suck it up. If you don’t want to be the fat girl…lose weight.

Sigh. I responded positively and sarcastically. Then the wonderful Georgette jumped to my defense like a trained pit bull. LOVED it.

I figure that a troll is clearly a troll. When you respond negatively it feeds them and encourages them to come back. That post was over here, if you were interested in seeing it: