Monday, January 25, 2010

Arm Candy

January 14, 2010

I think I've turned a couple corners this week. I didn't realize it until yesteday, but Monday was the first time I was able to recognize an opportunity to pull off the technique we learned in training the same day. I was nervous yet again before class tonight, but it wasn't quite as deep. Getting to know people is making a HUGE difference. I walked in, saw some familiar faces and it made me smile. Master da Matta greeted me with a healthy "Megan!" as I went down the line. As I was walking out, the female brown belt stopped me to talk and asked if I were coming tomorrow since she was going to start helping out in the beginners' class. I'm supposed to be going to a Spanish language meeting and I'm seriously considering skipping it to go train.

The more comfortable I feel, the more I realize what the rest of the gym must be seeing. I already know I'm a serious rarity in the world of BJJ. Height, weight, race, gender. I would say age, but even though I feel old, there are still a decent number of students that started past the age of 30...over all, I'm sure I pique some sort of curiosity in a few people there. I know I've sat and stared at myself in the bathroom mirror on more than one occasion wondering what I'd gotten myself into.

On the skill side, I'm LOVING my stability ball and can already see a difference. I'm doing 15 minutes on it every morning (good substitute for coffee, and not too intense) and my base already feels more stable. It's also given me insight into feeling my opponent's base and weaknesses in it. Good $6 investment (yay Ross). Unfortunately, I've been giving out armbars like candy lately. Off to JiuJitsy University...

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