Monday, January 25, 2010

My first roll...

November 2, 2009

I was fully prepared to come home tonight and write about how small and weak I felt. About how that's rare for me since I'm 6' tall and 180lbs and have been that size since I was a teenager. Well that was after drilling with one of the MMA guys. The man has ligaments like rebar and it felt like it took my whole body just to get him to tap in an armbar.

Different experience tonight. The instructor called me off the wall to spar for the first time and I was honestly excited. I was paired with one of the ladies who's a pro MMA fighter and then with an instructor. What did I learn tonight?

I'm better than I thought at seeing opportunities. I didn't know what to do all the time, but I could see possibilities, shapes and plans.
I have very little upper body strength- I'm going to continue with the pushup plan (I'm up to 30 full out, non-girly pushups)
My muscles fatigue quickly, but hopefully FlowFit will help with that.
I think my legs are going to be my strong point, so I need to get some control and strength built up.
The instinct to stay balanced I learned from dance comes in handy.
Triangle is still a bit of a mystery for me and I keep it too loose, but I'm assuming I'll get the feel of it with time.
Still lost when it comes to tying my belt (nothing like having somebody else help get you dressed to remind you of being in kindergarten) It actually fits!

Totally ready to roll again...

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