Monday, January 25, 2010

Tomorrow's Gi Day!

So I get my gi tomorrow...I'm thoroughly expecting it not to fit. I have supremely bad luck with clothes and can't imagine that this could work out the first time around. On top of being female, I'm 6' tall and all my height's in my legs. It's going to be interesting.

I'm planning on going to train tomorrow. I'm still a little antsy before going to class. The first week I was a complete nervous wreck every time. I was driving my coworkers crazy. I've worked through quite a few different fears and a lot discomfort in just 2 weeks of classes...fear over what the art itself is. Slight discomfort with the complete lack of personal space. Worry over not being able to get through the conditioning (no problems yet, but I still worry.) Feelings of "what are you thinking" when I suddenly found myself being smothered by a 200lb man in a room of 20 more guys.

I'm still having a blast though. The drills give me a bit of grief. There's one I still can't do (I really have to pay more attention to the names) and I first thought it was because I didn't have enough upper body strength. But after trying it a few times at home, I've realized that I've been scared to let my weight fall into someone else's stomach. I need to get over the fear of hurting someone and get myself to a place where I can simply control myself.

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