Monday, January 25, 2010

My first blood stain!...yay?

December 9, 2009

The super-anti-fainting plan worked! I was tired, but didn't even come close to passing out. Quality. I was going down the line today and as I was shaking his hand, one of the guys cheerfully pointed out "Hey! You got a blood stain!". I haven't found any surprise wounds this time, so I'm assuming it's not mine.

I'm finding that my lower body seems to learn faster than my upper. I find myself trying to execute moves with my legs and completely ignoring my arms and the arms of my opponent. Salsa bias? Maybe. But it's probably because I'm more confident of my strength and control below my waist. I also just discovered a fear that I think is going to give me some trouble. I played piano for about a decade, electric guitar for a bit and I cook a lot (with very sharp knives). I'm also a tad vain about my hands. The fact that I was able to cut my nails off is how I knew I really wanted to do BJJ. Really. I didn't even cut them all the way for guitar, my dream instrument. I've been protective of my fingers for as long as I remember. This and my awareness of a deficit in upper body strength has me favoring my lower half. Surprises around every corner...

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