Monday, January 25, 2010

Learning Alone...

January 4, 2010

I really thought I'd make it to class tonight. I didn't.

It's amazing how much endurance you can lose over two weeks of vacation. I did some cardio on Saturday and after 15 min, I was shot...muscles burnt, heart beating, sweating like crazy. Gotta love coming back from the holidays! I'm being sarcastic, but it is actually listening to your favorite band for weeks on end, taking 3 months off and coming back. The music is new and fresh and you find things you never knew were there.

Hopefully that's what class will be like Thursday. I didn't just sit at home and watch cartoons tonight though...I picked out seven drills and worked on those. Being alone let me focus on some of the points I didn't understand, and couldn't stop in class to ask about. I finally got my backward ukemi down! (I love this guy's explanations by the way). I've also gotten a bit faster at getting from my back to my knees.

I'm still at a point where I get so tired that the conceptual section of my brain slows way down, and things that I'd normally catch on the first try, take three or four. It was initially frustrating, but I've accepted it. It may turn out to be a good thing. I tend to rely very heavily on thinking my way through processes, and reflexes are key in BJJ.

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