Monday, January 25, 2010

Reaching for flexibility

January 19, 2010

A lot of revelations last night.

I finally experienced that horrible, breath-sucking, panic inducing pressure I've read about. It got me thinking that any woman genuinely interested in learning self defense class needs to experience this. Knowing to aim for a groin or gouge and eye means nothing when the reality that someone is trying to hurt you sets in. I've learned to relax a bit more being attacked while out of breath, weak or in pain, but that's knowing that a simple tap or yelp will get a guy to back off.

I rolled with an opponent last night that was stronger (or used more strength) than I'm used to. Right behind that I went one round with a lady that was a foot shorter and 70lbs lighter than I am...I learned I don't know what to do with short limbs. Crazy different experience, but it was good contrast.

One thing that the female brown belt (so glad she's around) pointed out to me is that she was able to slip out of my side control relatively easily. Why? because my hips were way too high. I hated hearing that since I know half of that is because after first trying FlowFit, I messed up my right knee in a squat (I do them wide now and have no problems). It's getting back to its normal range of flexibility, but sitting in seiza isn't half as comfortable as it used to be. The other part is groin flexibility. This has plagued me for...ever honestly. My hips and shoulders are really pretty flexible, even stretching cold. My groin and hamstrings? They're like rubber cement.

I'm kind of glad to learn this though. Since starting BJJ, I don't do my crazy, 5am, hour long workouts anymore and instead, since I don't drink coffee, do 20 light minutes in the morning. I also take 2 ten minute breaks at work to keep myself awake (desk job and the chinese radio doesn't always cut it). Add on 15 after work to transition out of the office mind set and 10 min before bed, and I have quite a few little bits of activity with which I get to my newly admitted shortcomings, I have something on which to focus them. Here's my plan (on days I don't train):

Early Morning: 10 min stability ball, 10 min lower body stretches
Mid Morning: 10 min lower body stretches, military pushups
Mid Afternoon: 10 min lower body stretches, military pushups
After Work: 15 min body weight exercises, military pushups, 5 min in seiza
Before Bed:10 min lower body stretches, 5 min in seiza

I'm going to toss in some shrimping in there if I get bored and need to mix things up. I'm focusing on doing it on one leg.

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